What is the use of mysql_close()?

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How many ways to get the current time?

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What is MySQL?

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What is the difference between char and varchar data types?

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How to display odd rows in student table in mysql?

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What are the nonstandard string types?

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suppose data is copie to oracle to sql by using DTS. Actully it taken 2 hours. suppose some day distribute the server in the middle of 2 hours. after how can i get the data ?

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Fname Lname City Pin ramesh kumar salem 365241 Query to generate a code having the firstletter of Fname,Lname & 3letter of city Last 3letter of pin,all in capital letters

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What are the drivers in MySQL?

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how to add a new column to an existing table?

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Describe mysql transaction properties.

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How to enable or disable a row of a table using MySQL in struts?

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Is it possible to update a table value with out using update command?. if yes what is the reason, if no what is the reason?.

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