What is Trigger?

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What is Trigger?..

Answer / koti-khammam

Trigger is a special type of stored procedure that will
fire automatically when ever data modifications like

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What is Trigger?..

Answer / kaushik chatterjee

A trigger is some what simillar to stored procedure. It is
written to perform a set of predefined actions when a
perticular database objecy such as tables,views are
Triggers are implicitly called and are NOT instactiated by
the user. Once written, it will be called automatically by
the DBMS engine when a UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT operation is
performed on the database object for which the trigger is
intended or written.
Triggers can be written for any one of the 3 operations
written above or all of them.

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What is Trigger?..

Answer / pawan378

above answers are correct.
let me add some thing.

(Pre - Trigger) is a dynamic Rule that should be done before
Data modification Happens.
(Post - Trigger) is a Consequent step that should be taken
as soon as the Data Happens.

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