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What is assembly language?

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How many types of flags are there?

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What are the procedures?

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Why string objects are immutable in java?

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How the elements are organized in GridLayout?

2 Answers  

How do you sort a string in java?

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In java, what is the difference between method overloading and method overriding?

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Is set sorted in java?

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Is this valid in java ? Can we instantiate interface in java?

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Hi can u pls tell me what is the use of marker interface. Iknow what is marker interface but what ability will the object get by implementing this.

3 Answers   CGI,

What is the difference between iterator and list iterator?

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using equals method overriding which objects are compared?i.e same class objects or other class objects?Explain me.

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What is a return in java?

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