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Define concurrency control. : Transact sql

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What is an intersect?

0 Answers  

Can we create non-clustured index on a clustered index ?

4 Answers   TCS,

How can i insert data inro a table with 3 columns using FORALL?

2 Answers   Oracle,

what are the advantages of mysql in comparison to oracle? : Sql dba

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Do ddl statements need commit?

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What has stored procedures in sql?

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what is commit? : Sql dba

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How to execute multiple sql statements in a single annonymous block irrespective of the sql statement result?

2 Answers  

What steps server process has to take to execute an update statement?

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How to change a value of the field ‘salary’ as 7500 for an employee_name ‘john’ in a table employee_details?

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Why do we create stored procedures & functions in pl/sql and how are they different?

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Mention what plvcmt and plvrb does in pl/sql?

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