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What are the activities that are included in the cash flow statement?

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What are the advantages of computer accounting over paper accounting?

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What is the Basics of Bank Reconcialiation ?

4 Answers  

what is the difference between 'Quotation' & 'Profarma Invoice'?

5 Answers  

Have you ever heard about tds, what it is?

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Why TDS not Deducted on Service tax amount of Rent.

0 Answers   Genpact, J Kumar,

In what circumstance month end liability wil increase ?

1 Answers   FIC,

A loan of 10000 with 10% interest is fully due after 6 month. What will accrue differed, outstanding?

0 Answers   FIC,

if u r work in showroom as a accountant. one day owner's friend is come into his showroom and he want to buy a 1 track-shoot but he confused and he take 3 track- shoot with us and reply he only pur. 1 track-shoot & 2 track-shoot return after 3 days. so now what is entry passe in account.?

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why net profit shown liabilities side in balance sheet

9 Answers   DuPont, FactSet Systems,


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During execution of Works Contract,If Contractee(Customer) supply goods to contractor, then it should be shown in Invoice as deduction or no need to show in Invoice.

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What are mis reports?

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