What is cash flow and fund flow?

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Difference Between LBO and MBO?

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9. Fixed Cost assumed to be $ 2,700. Variable Cost is $ 70 per unit. Selling Price is $ 100 per unit. What would be the Breakeven Point in Units?

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define capital rationing!

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hai! i am a BE(computer science) graduate with 54% of aggregate looking for bank clerk job? in interview they are asking why are you looking for a bank job and what guareente that once you are selected ? plz guide me?

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Cello pen gross value is 935.89 for 12 nos 14.5% tax

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A company purchase goods Rs.2000/- & input vat received rs.100/- but at the time he sold goods 1000/- as a sales & 1000/- as a sock transfer. plz tell me how much take input claim in this case.

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What is the tds effect in balance sheet if tds receipts?

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How to create report of t code f-02 in SAP FI?

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which expenses are covered under indirect expenses

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What is the diffrence between General Exp. & Misc. Exp?

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What is Goodwill?

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