what is place holder column

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what is place holder column..

Answer / manoj.oracle

Place holder column is a column for which you set the
datatype and value in pl/sql that you difine
you can set the value of a placeholder column in the
following places
1. the before report trigger, if the placeholder is a
report_level column.
2. A report level formula column,if the placeholder is a
report_level column.
3. A formula in the placeholders group or a group below
it(the value is set once for each record of the group)

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what is place holder column..

Answer / surya

It is column which holds the value and used as a reference
in report.

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what is place holder column..

Answer / sugantha

Place holder is a column.which is mainly used to store the
temporary value in oracle reports. It can not displayed.
only store and use it

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