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how will the report recognize the parameter

how will the report recognize the parameter..

Answer / sudipta santra

The recognization of the parameter by the report is given
below as step by steps:

1. Report checks any bind variable be used in Data model
query, if found then check the is there any parameter with
the same name of that bind bariable with the matching
datatypes or not ? It is one of the ways.

2. If the first point is not feasible i.e, no bind variables
are used, so then report checks any reference item columns
in layout editor where the item is not related to the column
of the query data model, if found then as the same way it
checks any same name parameter is used or not with the same
datatype ? It is the another way of recognize.

3. If the above two points are not feasible then reports
checks any formula column or placeholder column or summary
column is in data model where any bind variable is used if
found then in the same way of the above 2 points report

Got it?

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