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The ?Gorshkov? deal signed between India and Russia values
the contract at ???

(A) $ 2.5 million

(B) Rs. 9080 crores

(C) Rs. 700 crores

(D) $ 1.5 billion

The ?Gorshkov? deal signed between India and Russia values the contract at ??? (A) $ 2.5 millio..

Answer / guest

( D ) $ 1.5 billion

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Which of the following states does not have any atomic power plant? (a) Tamil Nadu (b) UP (c) Orissa (d) Rajasthan

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Whether Tax is deducted at source if a PSU is advanced a money for some kind of consturction for which estaimates have already been approved and a PSU is requesting initial deposit for mobilization of the construction work.

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The power to create a new All India Service rests with (1) The Ministry of Personnel and Training (2) Rajya Sabha (3) President (4) Parliament

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From which state did the Kuchipudi dance form originate? 1 Tamil Nadu 2 Andhra Pradesh 3 Kerala 4 Karnataka

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The sun rays strike on June 21 with an angle of 900 on the : (a) Tropic of Cancer (b) Tropic of Capricorn (c) Arctic Circle

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The imaginary/parallel lines running from East to West are: (a) latitudes (b) longitudes (c) altitudes

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The richest vegetable source of Vitamin A (1) Liver (2) Egg (3) Carrot (4) Sunlight

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ERP is an abbreviation for: (A) Engineering Resource Planning (B) Electronic Reading Pager (C) Enterprise Resource Planning (D) None of the above

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Silica is found in the body of (1) Diatiom (2) Euglena (3) Coelenterates (4) Desmid

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1)who is the present chief justice of our country? 2)who is the current election commisioner of India?

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Pure for Sure? Campaign has been launched by

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Harsh Mankad and Vishal Uppal were recently in the news as they won Doubles of the ITF Men?s Futures tournament in 1 Badminton 2 Chess 3 Tennis 4 Billiards

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