What is un-installation testing?

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What is defect life cyce?

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what are the storage class in C?

1 Answers   Verifone,

what is testcase review?What is the use?

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Who will do the design phase testing?

3 Answers   Hoch Technologies,

How much percent of time you spend in testing and writting test cases? does testing comes first or writting test cases?

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can anybody tell me what would be the architecture for window based application.And what would be the architecture for web based application.(its very urgent)

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why you choosed testing as a carrer?

7 Answers   Verizon,

What is security testing? How to test the web application using security testing ?

5 Answers   Miracle Solutions,

Can anyone explain me about, the white box testing and black box testing, in detail?

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what is suspension criteria in your test paln and explain one suspension criteria in your test paln,... pls give one real time example

3 Answers   Satyam,

Hi, Can anybody tell me what is Boundary value analysis, equivalence partitioning and error guessing with examples?

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difference between manual testing and automation testing

15 Answers   TCS, Adaptavant,