The brightest planet is:

(A) Jupiter

(B) Venus

(C) Mercury

(D) Mars

The brightest planet is: (A) Jupiter (B) Venus (C) Mercury (D) Mars..

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( B ) Venus

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Name the only Indian Prime Minister who never faced the Parliament during his tenure. (1) Choudhary Charan Singh (2) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (3) Chandrashekhar (4) Vishwanath Pratap Singh

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?Astra? which was test-fired for the first time recently is India?s 1 Air to earth missile 2 Earth to air missile 3 Air to air missile 4 Sea missile capable to locate and destroy submarines

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Who wrote the national song ?Vande Matram?? (a) Aurobindo Ghose (b) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (c) Rabindranath Tagore (d) Sarat Chandra Chatterji

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Right to property was removed from the list of fundamental rights by which amendment ? a) 14th b) 42nd c) 39th d) 44th

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The largest source of revenue in India is (1) Sales tax (2) Excise duty (3) Income tax (4) Corporate tax

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Soft drink brank ?Fanta? is owned by 1 Pepsi 2 Coca Cola 3 Parle 4 Shaw Wallance

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A list of national languages can be traced in the ??? of the Indian Constitution. (a) Fifth Schedule (b) Sixth Schedule (c) Seventh Schedule (d) Eighth Schedule

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Greece is: (a) Hellenic Republic (b) On the Mediterranean sea (c) On the Southern tip of Balkan Peninsula (d) All the three above

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?Timeless Visions?, an exhibition of India?s leading artists, was recently organized in 1 Germany 2 France 3 U.S.A 4 Japan

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The reign of Shahjahan lasted for: (a) twenty-nine years (b) thirty-one years (c) thirty-seven years (d) forty years

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