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Describe the modifier in c?

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What is character constants?

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Why isn't any of this standardized in c? Any real program has to do some of these things.

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can we access one file to one directory?

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what is an inline fuction??

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write a program to generate 1st n fibonacci prime number

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how to print electricity bill according to following charges first 100 units -1rs per unit for next 200 units-1.50 rs per unit without using conditions

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2. Write a function called hms_to_secs() that takes three int values&#8212;for hours, minutes, and seconds&#8212;as arguments, and returns the equivalent time in seconds.. Create a program that exercises this function by repeatedly obtaining a time value in hours, minutes, and seconds from the user (format 12:59:59), calling the function, and displaying the value of seconds it returns.

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Taking an example,differentiate b/w loader and linker ?

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in ‘C’ language for Matrix Multiplication fails” Introspect the causes for its failure and write down the possible reasons for its failure.

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Write a program that receives as input a number omaadel-n-print, four digits.

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What is derived datatype in c?

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write a program fibonacci series and palindrome program in c

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