Group II Political Science Interview Questions
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Who said, The Jew has stolen woman from us through the form of sex democracy

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The concept of ?Isomorphism? is related to which theory

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Which type of political system is running in England

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Which country is known as ?Party State?


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Through amendment the Anti-Defection Act was enacted

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On which Right does the ?contempt of Court? places restrictions

High Court,

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In which Article the definition of ?State? was given in our constitution

Satyam, Navbharat Enterprises,

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Which was termed as the ?Magna Carta of India?

SSC, Infosys, KAS, Cipla,

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Which state does not have its Scheduled Tribe contribution in Lok Sabha

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On which date the constitution of Jammu & Kasmir was came into force

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Who said ? Nationalism is a religion that comes from God?

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What is maximum strength of the Lok Sabha as envisaged by the Constitution

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Who are the authors of the Indian Constitution as per its Preamble


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Who described Cripps proposals as a ?post dated cheque?

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Politics without religion is like a dead body, who said it

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plz tell me about the electives in group2


i also want someone to help me in knowing what are the '%'s that one has to get in applying for group-2 starting from standard 10 ...