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Group II History Interview Questions
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In ancient India, the trade was promoted through which


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Who contributed a lot in promotion and expansin of trade and comer during pre-Gupta and Gupta period

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Which was the largest urban centre in early ancient India

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As per Megasthenes between which towns the Great Royal road was run

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Who first maintained trade relations with Roman empire

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What was the reason for India becoming an intermediary in the silk trade between China & the west

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What are the results of interaction with the West in exchange of merchandise & ideas during Gupta period

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Why Arikamedu was the most important Indo-Roman trade centre

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What were the characteristics of guilds organized during Gupta period

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Can you correctly describe the composition of the ?Workers? Cooperatives? in ancient India

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Before Indo-Greek rule in India, who issued the coins

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From which place largest number of Roman coins were found

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Why the Satavahanas issued lead coins predominantly

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Who are first Indian rulers to issue gold coins like as Romans

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What are the reasons for decline of foreign trade during the later Gupta period

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