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How do the centripetal forces pull a body?

(A) Upwards

(B) Downwards

(C) Inwards

(D) Outwards

How do the centripetal forces pull a body? (A) Upwards (B) Downwards (C) Inwards (D)..

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( C ) Inwards

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The waterfall ?Victoria? is associated with the river (a) Amazon (b) Missouri (c) St. Lawrence (d) Zambeji

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Which one of the following countries has the highest irrigated area in the world? (A) Russia (B) Canada (C) India (D) Pakistan

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Alexander, son of Philip of Macedonia, ascended the throne in: (a) 336 BC (b) 324 BC (c) 326 BC (d) 323 BC

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Under which of the following conditions the Ministry falls? (a) When a vote of no confidence is passed against the government by the Parliament (b) When a Money Bill presented on behalf of the government is defeated in the Parliament (c) When an advice on an important matter tendered by the Prime Minister to the President is rejected by the latter (d) All of these

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The invocatory number with which Bharat Natyam performance begins is called: (a) Vamam (b) Jathi Swaram (c) Alarippu (d) Thillana

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In August 2004, Indian duo of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won which of the following championships? (a) Masters Series (b) Qatar Open (c) Swiss Open (d) Swedish Open

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. The last in the succession of Jaina Tirthankaras was (a) Parsvanatha (b) Rishabha (c) Mahavira (d) Manisubrata

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Which of the following is not true regarding production of tea in India? 1 The east and the north-east States account for 82% of the total tea growing area in India 2 India is the largest producer of tea in the world 3 Indian tea is not found suitable for export as the quality is far inferior to Kenyan tea 4 India produces good varieties of CTC tea

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Which of the following is an element? 1 Ruby 2 Sapphire 3 Emerald 4 Diamond

3 Answers   NICE, TCS,

Who is the Chief Minister of Assam? (a) Hiteshwar Saikia (b) Praful Kumar Mohanta (c) Tarun Gogoi (d) None of these

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India?s annual population growth rate is about??? 1 1% 2 1.5% 3 1.9% 4 2.2%

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income tax in india is a direct and proportional b direct and progressive c indirect and proportional d indirect and progressive

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