what is java virtual machine

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what is java virtual machine..

Answer / aashish r. wadhokar

java virtual machine also known as JVM.
JVM is a miracle bcoz of which java becomes platform
independent language.
jvm acts as an inrterface betn OS and java program.

as in c lang. program needs to be convert into machine
language(.obj).in the same way java code need to be
translated into .class file (in bytecode)
and then JVM executes thst bytecode(.class file).
and thus java program gets executed by JVM and not by OS.
so java become platform independent.

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what is java virtual machine..

Answer / neha siddiqui

. JVM is stands for java virtual machine
. JVM is popularly known as interprets between java bytecode
and computer operating system
. using a JVM user can run java code on any platform such as.,
unix, linux, windows xp,etc
. A JVM normally reads and executes java statement one at a time
. A JVM can however includes a JIT compiler [Just In Time] with in it
. The Jvm does not know any thing about java programming language
. A JVM only recognize a particular binary format of a file called "Class File"
. A Class file contain Java Virtual Machine instructions.

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what is java virtual machine..

Answer / rakesh kumar mishra

A)JVM convert .class to machine language.

B) JVM is .exe program that is java.exe

C)JVM (Java Virtual Machine) run the java program.

1) JVM check .class code is proper or not (Its check byte
code , virus etc) if .class code is not proper it terminate
the execution.

2) If .class is in proper format then it will start work.
JVM has 5 part:-
1)Method Area
2)Heap Area
3)Java Stacks
4)PC register
5)Native Method Stacks

method area has class code, variables code and method code.
When object is created it store in heap Area.
In our program there will some methods, and its take some
memory for execution and store o/p so this is done in Java
PC register has memory address of every method.
Native Method has Native methods.

3) JVM start program from main(). this is starting point of
JVM in our Program.
JVM also check main method and its argument must be String
type array.

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what is java virtual machine..

Answer / raju

Java virtual machine is also called JVM.It is used to convert source code in to binary code

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