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Explain what is a cause effect graph?

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please answer the difference between QA & QC with practical example

5 Answers   Protech,

What is cross browser testing?

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Why is it often hard for management to get serious about quality assurance?

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Is automating some test case is important? What about the maintenance? When will automated test become uneffective?

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What is the strategy for automation test plan?

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Explain cmm?

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Define the key challenges faced during software testing?

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What is the difference between QA and QC?

39 Answers   CSS, Faurecia, Focus, KNP, Maruti Suzuki, Quality Assurance, Tech Mahindra, Tower Manufacturing,

List out the roles of software quality assurance engineer?

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Define the role of qa in software development?

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What is QA Life cycle

6 Answers   Infosys, UHG,

Can anyone help you in this?

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