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Who uses accounting?

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when we debit any party in our account?

7 Answers   Syntel,

What is Bank ?

6 Answers  

What is WCT ? Who will Resposible for deposit WCT Means TDS Deductor or Material supplier. Is TDs applicable on WCT. Who will responsible for deposit WCT. I Am New For this Field. Thanks in advance...

1 Answers  

investment in share in which account

1 Answers  

What is Trading Account? What is the significance of this account?

2 Answers  

10 tv's purchased from x- company for cash out of that one tv is damaged what is the entry we done in tally?

7 Answers   Genpact,

How calculate holding company account?

0 Answers   Reliance,

in accounting process there is summerizing. what is sumarizing? and an relevant example of summarizing?

3 Answers  

What is use of subject history in banking?

0 Answers   Banking,

What are negative postings?What are Credit memos ?Payment Requests ?

0 Answers  

Is it mandatory having Knowledge of auditing to an accountant ?

5 Answers  

Name three (3) equity security types

6 Answers   FactSet Systems, ICICI, Shore Infotech,