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Tell me did you use accounting applications at your previous companies or prefer working manually?

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how to know i reconcilation statement in tall 9 and in reconcilation chq. details also.

2 Answers  

Please give me a suggession to calculate the T.D.S,E.S.I,P.F, From salary which is in gross Rs. 15000/.

0 Answers  

What Does Phantom Gain Mean?

2 Answers   CompuCom, Ernst Young,

What is consolidated financial statement.

9 Answers   Accenture, Capital IQ,

u paid cash to supplier in advance for purchasing goods in future? so what will be the entry in tally?

5 Answers  

Under which category in the balace sheet will closing stock appear

3 Answers   Banking,

wat is accounting entity

1 Answers   Capital IQ,

When a business man take his net profit from his firm, how will make the entry in cash book?

3 Answers  


3 Answers   FCI,

What is GR form why we use it and what is the step of GR FORM by various department as some little knoledge of me it is used by custom for wher the FERA is applicate. But I dont now where FERA is applicatble thanks

7 Answers   Kehr Surgicals,

What is the accounting treatment for goods taken from business for office use

2 Answers  

What mean the word LLP? Please share the definition...?

1 Answers