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How do you generate a strong name?

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More Dot Net General Interview Questions

Please explain what are an inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation?

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Explain what is the reason of occurring overflow-underflow arithmetic exception error, it shows error message when we run our program by adding control?

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How to find methods of a assembly file (not using ILDASM) Reflection

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Hi, Requirement is: try { \\SQL Query } catch(Exception i) { print a } catch(SQLQueryException e) { \\SQL Query } Got Exception in "try" block. Which "catch" throws exception and Why??? Please provide the answer in detail.. Thanks for the help!!!

3 Answers   3i Infotech,

Explain the difference between constants and read-only variables?

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Value type & data types difference. Example from .NET.

2 Answers   TCS,

Usually in .net, the clr takes care of memory management. Is there any need for a programmer to explicitly release memory and resources? If yes, why and how?

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What are the purposes of using .net?

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Difference abstract class and interface in .net?

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Explain how to manage pagination in a page using .net?

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Will my .net app run on 64-bit windows?

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what user controls are and what server controls are and the differences between the two.

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