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How can I sort a linked list?

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Give the logic for this #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { clrscr(); int a=10,b; b=++a + ++a; printf("%d", b); getch(); } Output: 24......How?

2 Answers   Accenture,

Write a small C program to determine whether a machine's type is little-endian or big-endian.

5 Answers   nvidia,

Write a program to display the no of bit difference between any 2 given numbers eg: Num1 will 12->1100 Num2 will 7->0111 the difference in bits are 2.

4 Answers  

what does keyword ‘extern’ mean in a function declaration?

1 Answers   Emerson,

Explain the difference between call by value and call by reference in c language?

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how to write a c program to print list of fruits in alpabetical order?

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Do you know the difference between exit() and _exit() function in c?

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18)struct base {int a,b; base(); int virtual function1(); } struct derv1:base{ int b,c,d; derv1() int virtual function1(); } struct derv2 : base {int a,e; } base::base() { a=2;b=3; } derv1::derv1(){ b=5; c=10;d=11;} base::function1() {return(100); } derv1::function1() { return(200); } main() base ba; derv1 d1,d2; printf("%d %d",d1.a,d1.b) o/p is a)a=2;b=3; b)a=3; b=2; c)a=5; b=10; d)none 19) for the above program answer the following q's main() base da; derv1 d1; derv2 d2; printf("%d %d %d",da.function1(),d1.function1(),d2.function1 ()); o/p is a)100,200,200; b)200,100,200; c)200,200,100; d)none 20)struct { int x; int y; }abc; you can not access x by the following 1)abc-->x; 2)abc[0]-->x; abc.x; (abc)-->x; a)1,2,3 b)2&3 c)1&2 d)1,3,4

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What are called c variables?

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Explain this code. #include <stdio.h> void f1(int *k) { *k = *k + 10; } main ( ){ int i; i = 0; printf (" The value of i before call %d \n", i); f1 (&i); printf (" The value of i after call %d \n", i); }

3 Answers   IBM,

errors in computer programmes are called

1 Answers   NET,

Are the expressions * ptr ++ and ++ * ptr same?

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