What are the ways to configure remoting objects before client can use them?

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What are the situations you will use singleton architecture in remoting ?

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Difference between remoting and web service ?

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Explain what is the relationship between a Process, Application Domain, and Application?

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What?s Singleton activation mode?

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What is boxing and unboxing ?

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What security measures exist for .NET Remoting in System.Runtime.Remoting?

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What is the difference between the RegisterWellknownServiceType(), RegisterWellknownClientType(), RegisterActivatedServiceType() and RegisterActivatedClientType() in .net?

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What is the purpose of strong name?

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What is the proxy of the server object in .net remoting?

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Which one is better WebService and Remoting ?

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Where is global assembly cache located on the system?

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How to perform Remoting?

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