What are the ways to configure remoting objects before client can use them?

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What are static assemblies and dynamic assemblies. Differences between them?

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How to directly call a native function exported from a dll?

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What is the purpose of System.EnterpriseServices namespace ?

1 Answers   Digital GlobalSoft,

What are the steps to publish an object outside the service domain

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How do you directly call a native function exported from a DLL?

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What are the difference between static assemblies and dynamic assemblies?

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How can objects in two diff. App Doimains communicate with each other ?

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Will clr handle unmanaged code or not?

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Explain when we use web service and when we use remoting?

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What are various types of assemblies ?

1 Answers   TCS,

Threading Types ?

3 Answers   DELL,

Garbage collector?s functionality on unmanaged code ?

0 Answers   DELL,