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How is the accounting for hire purchase transactions done?

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Explain what does financial statement of the company includes?

0 Answers  

Name three (3) equity security types

6 Answers   FactSet Systems, ICICI, Shore Infotech,

a company recive 5 demand draft in different parties 2 DD sumittted to bank for collection and it's collected. what is the closing entry of other 3 DD in the company on that date?

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Withhold Tax Types

0 Answers   Accenture,

Classification of Errors as per Accounting

7 Answers  

what is Profit & Loss Account?

4 Answers   EDS,

Explain how you can adjust entries into account?

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When you prepare Profit and loss A/C either you will get profit or loss but not both.Then why we are saying it as profit AND loss A/C,why cannot we say it is as Profit OR loss account?

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reverse entry for provision for salary where it is made and how it is

3 Answers  

hi...this is chaitanya fresh bcom computer graduate i need job in finance feild will i get in genpact, deloitte, bank of america, or any other mnc...?

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Explain financial accounting. What are its characteristic features?

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3 Answers   Capital IQ, Fidelity,