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What do you understand by dissolution of firm?

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Physician samples should be charged under CST @ 5% manufactured in H.P. and transferred to other states

0 Answers   KPMG,

Which form we use for depositing TDS?

5 Answers  

Can fright charges be included to calculate vat amount?

3 Answers  

Can we take rebate on Exports done before 6 years ? If no, why ? What can be done ?

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what is rate of vat on gold ? and what is the rate of tax applicalbe on sale of gold in case of interstate sale ?

7 Answers  

IF WE PAY AUDITOR FEE FOR INCORPORATION WORK THEN UNDER WHAT GROUP IT COMES IN TALLY. 2. any other audit fee we paid suppose at the time of financal report preparing then it will comes at the same group or any other

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4 Answers  

a business man purchases goods at 12.5% vat... he wants to sel l the goods to other state then central sales tax will be applicable@2%.what he can do with the input tax avai lable?

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Is there any change in the section 80DD for the financial year 2009-10

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When Service tax payble liabilites start for a Individuals.

0 Answers   TCS,

can we deduct tds of any government companies(state/central)

1 Answers  

tds can be applicable on haltage(late time unloading )

2 Answers