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A prominent part in the Swadeshi Movement was played by:

(a) students of Bengal

(b) peasants

(c) shopkeepers

(d) Indian officials

A prominent part in the Swadeshi Movement was played by: (a) students of Bengal (b) peasants..

Answer / guest

( a ) students of Bengal

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Eyes of potato are useful for (a) Nutrition (b) Respiration (c) Reproduction (d) Vegetative propagation

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Toyota irloskar autp part plant has been inaugurated in 1 Bangalore 2 Chennai 3 Pune 4 Varanasi

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Which one of the following is not a salient feature of the Indian Constitution? (a) Partly Unitary and Partly Federal Constitution (b) A Secular State (c) Universal Adult Franchise (d) Double Citizenship

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The Fund which enables the President to make advances to meet unforeseen expenditure pending authorization by the Parliament. (1) Consolidated Fund (2) Contingency Fund (3) Emergency Fund (4) Discretionary Fund

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The flag ship of the Indian Navy is: (a) INS Vikrant (b) INS Nilgiri (c) INS Udaigiri (d) INS Dunagiri

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The author of Anandmath is (a) Rabindranath Tagore (b) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya (c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Sri Aurobindo

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Nickleodeon, the kids channel, was launched by 1 Walt Disney 2 Star TV 3 C.Vaicom 4 Zee TV

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Which one of the following is a feature common to both the Indian Federation and the American Federation? (a) Three lists in the Constitution (b) Dual Judiciary (c) A single citizenship (d) A Federal Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution

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Aurangzeb sentenced to death the Sikh Guru: (a) Arjun Dev (b) Hargovind Singh (c) Teg Bahdur (d) Govind Singh

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The dictator of Italy during the first half of 20th century was (A) Stalin (B) Lenin (C) Napoleon (D) Mussolini

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Who are the recent Bharat Ratna awardees?

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Can the President of India dismiss the cabinet and take under his direct charge the administration of the country in a state of Emergency? (a) No (b) Yes (c) Under certain conditions only

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