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The municipal administration of Pataliputra in the days of
Chandragupta was entrusted to a committee of ??? citizens.

(a) ten

(b) twenty

(c) thirty

(d) forty

The municipal administration of Pataliputra in the days of Chandragupta was entrusted to a committe..

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( c ) thirty

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Antibiotics are the drugs used for the cure of: (A) bacterial diseases (B) cancer (C) malaria (D) nervous disorders

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If the Rajya Sabha does not send the Money Bill back to the Lok Sabha within a period of fourteen days (a) It will be taken to have been passed by both the Houses (b) It will be taken to have been rejected by both the Houses (c) The Lok Sabha will have to pass it again (d) It will be again sent to the Rajya Sabha for reconsideration

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Which two companies have formed a research and collaboration alliance to develop patented drugs? 1 Ranbaxy and Glaxo SmithKline 2 Ranbaxy and Penacea Biotech 3 Nicholas Piramal and Ranbaxy 4 None of these

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97 per cent of the air is concentrated in the first: (a) 15 km (b) 20 km (c) 29 km

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The limit of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is now raised from 49% to 74% in which of the following sectors? 1 Telecom Sector 2 Construction & Housing sector 3 Banking sector 4 Insurance sector

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Which nation hosted SAARC in January, 2004? (A) India (B) Thailand (C) Pakistan (D) Indonesia

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In which atmospheric layer do most of the atmospheric phenomenon take place? (a) Troposphere (b) Mesosphere (c) Exosphere

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In which one of the following States is the literacy rate more than national average as per the Census 2001? 1 Andhra Pradesh 2 Haryana 3 Meghalaya 4 Rajasthan

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Which is the largest district in India in terms of area? 1 Bhuj 2 Mirzapur 3 Anantpur 4 Bastar

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. Farm land tends to erode most rapidly when planted with (a) Sorghum (b) Potato (c) Wheat (d) Clover

2 Answers   Prasar Bharati, SSC,

Recently in which of the following countries, thousands of people staged a dharana, made a protest against the powerful citizens of a particular community in that country and accused them of limiting their freedom? 1 India 2 Sri lanka 3 China 4 Myanmar

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which two teams suspended for sport fixing in ipl?

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