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Write about all the implicit member functions of a class?

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Describe private, protected and public?

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int *p = NULL; printf("%1d",p) ; what will be the output of this above code?

3 Answers   Microsoft,

When do we run a shell in the unix system?

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How to declaring variables in c++?

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What does the nocreate and noreplace flag ensure when they are used for opening a file?

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What is the use of structure in c++?

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please help to write the code of chess game in c++??????????

1 Answers   NEC,

What is a tuple c++?

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What is math h in c++?

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Differentiate between the manipulator and setf( ) function?

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Differentiate between a pointer and a reference with respect to c++.

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How size of a class can be calulated?

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