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J D Rockfeller was:

(a) an industrialist

(b) a scientist

(c) American President

(d) world famous navigator

J D Rockfeller was: (a) an industrialist (b) a scientist (c) American President (d) ..

Answer / guest

( a ) an industrialist

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Which of the following metals was not known to the Indus people? (A) Tin (B) Copper (C) Iron (D) Lead

2 Answers  

The Kalinga prize is given by which of the following organizations/world bodies? 1 UNICEF 2 UNESCO 3 IAEA 4 None of these

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how many depots are in a.p

0 Answers   APSRTC,

Who had discovered North America in 1497? (a) Vasco da Gama (b) Columbus (c) John Cabot (d) James Cook

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of the federal state ? a) Unicameralism b) Independent judiciary c) Division of powers d) Written Constitution

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As per the rough estimates, the general elections In India and the burden of Kargil war operations will need an expenditure of about 1 Rs.3,000 crore 2 Rs.5,000 crore 3 Rs.16,000 crore 4 Rs.10,000 crore

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The Summit of G-8 countries was held in June 2004 at (a) Paris (b) Tokyo (c) Liverpool (d) Georgia

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Which variety of glass is heat resistant? 1 Hard glass 2 Flint glass 3 Pyrex glass 4 Bottle glass

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A capacitor (condenser) is used in an electrical circuit to (A) Step down voltage (B) Step up voltage (C) Store electric charge (D) Produce electric charge

3 Answers   Electrical,

Chariman of the Press Commission is (1) Justice K.N. Singh (2) Justice A.N. Verma (3) Justice R.S. Sarkaria (4) Justice S.R. Pandiyan

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As per the reports of the Census 2001, the Prime reason for male migration to urban areas has been employment and business. But what has been the reason of migration of the young females to urban areas ?A) MarriageB) Educational PurposesC) Job Opportunities Which of these is/are the correct reasons(s)? (1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (4) Only A & B (5) None of these

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The writ concerned with personal liberty is: (a) Mandamus (b) Quo Warranto (c) Habeas Corpus (d) None of the above

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