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In which year Indira Gandhi Peace Prize was instituted?

(a) 1985

(b) 1984

(c) 1986

(d) 1987

In which year Indira Gandhi Peace Prize was instituted? (a) 1985 (b) 1984 (c) 1986 (..

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( c ) 1986

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In which country did the Indian Navy launch relief operation-Operation Gambhir recently/ 1 Indonesia 2 Malaysia 3 Sri Lanka 4 Thailand

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Match the following: (A) Islets of Langerhans – (1) Calcitonin (B) Pitutary gland – (2) Epinephrine (C) Thyroid gland – (3) Growth hormone (D) Adrenal gland – (4) Insulin (a) A4,B3,C2,D1 (b) A4,B3,C1,D2 (c) A3,B4,C1,D2 (d) A3,B2,C4,D1

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Procter and Gable took over which famous brand recently? 1 Revlon 2 Vicks 3 Gillette 4 None of the above

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who declares national income of india ?

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The seat of the Supreme Court is in New Delhi but it can decide to have its sitting any where. Who can decide? (a) The Prime Minister (b) The President (c) The Chief Justice (d) The Chief Justice with the approval of the President

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Which one of the following museums has the famous painting titled Mona Lisa ? 1 British Meseum 2 New York City Museum 3 Louvre Museum 4 Borghese Gallery, Rome

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The Nepali Congress which led the unique mass movement to restore democracy in Nepal was established in (1) 1947 (2) 1950 (3) 1962 (4) 1975

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The glands of the body which pour their secretions directly into the blood stream are known as ? a) Exocrine glands b) Endocrine glands c) Heterocrine glands d) Compound glands

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Particles of which of the following elements are extremely harmful for human beings? 1 Lead and Arsenic 2 Lead and Mercury 3 Mercury and Cadmium 4 Zinc and Iron

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Subhash Chandra is associated with 1 Dr.Reddy?s Labs 2 Ashok Layland 3 Zee Tlefilms 4 SAIL

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In oil wells, oil, water and gas are present in the ascending order of (A) Oil, gas, water (B) Water, oil, gas (C) Gas, oil, water (D) Water, gas, oil

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