What is binder language ?

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When will DUMP and DEBUG opcodes be ignored?

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What is difference between fully procedural file and primary file?

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How to read data from *LDA (Local Data Area) in RPGLE program without using IN opcode?

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Which command we can use to update a physical file using c.l pgm?

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how to find whether a date format is valid or not in RPG400 not in RPGILE.Can you please write the coding for this sir,i'm new to AS400.Please help.

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What is the use of Data Queues?

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what is the command to know how many lf are related to a pf?

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In 'o' Specs What Is The Opcode For Write?

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when is a tag statement used in rpg?

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Which of the following operations does NOT zero the field FLDA defined as 4,0? C MOVE *ZEROS FLDA C Z-ADD *ZEROS FLDA C Z-ADD 0 FLDA C MOVE *ALL'0' FLDA C SUB FLDA FLDA C MOVE '0000' FLDA C CLEAR FLDA C MOVE *BLANKS FLDA

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i have one physical file which is having two logical files. logical a have unique keyword and logical b doesnt have a unique keyword. can i give duplicate values while updating through physical file. if no why?

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