Define curie temperature?

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hi i am saideswr rao from iit bombay. now i am going to prepare pngc gt 2009.can any one send to old papers and how to prepare this time. my email:

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What is a seismograph and how does it function?

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how would you describe your self?

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What are diurnal changes?

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how computer use for communication

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ek ias bannne ke liye student main kaun se qalities honi chahiye

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is chnook wind local wind or sesonal wind ?

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kaise hum ek ias banna chahte hai

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for creation of light energy what the inputs are requried, how the light energy is creaed?

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Layers of atmosphere inversion of temperature is noticed in toposphere or in statosphere ?

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Define inclination?

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in case of broad band connector, where the data is being transferred thorugh OFC, during this course a light enery is created for carrying data, whether this light energy is created by broad band connect or it is created by virute of functions of the subscriber or not?

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