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ITES abbrevation ? What does it mean?

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ITES abbrevation ? What does it mean?..

Answer / bpo_info_guy

ITES stands for IT-enabled services. It can be defined as,
--> Those outsourcing services that use information
technology in the processing and delivery of the service.
--> Services are typically delivered through a
telecommunications or data network, or other electronic media.

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ITES abbrevation ? What does it mean?..

Answer / mathi

ITES----Information Technology Enabled Services
Data entry, E-Publishing etc comes under ITES

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ITES abbrevation ? What does it mean?..

Answer / santosh mandal

information tech enable service

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ITES abbrevation ? What does it mean?..

Answer / kanagashri

information technology enabled system

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ITES abbrevation ? What does it mean?..

Answer / sayyad babar

Hi , I want to do something in amazon development..

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ITES abbrevation ? What does it mean?..

Answer / amit halam



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