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What is run-time-setting?

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Plz someone tell me about user interface testing and backend testing and hw did u use it in ur project.plz give a detail answer i need to explain it to the interviewer. plzzzzzzzzz guys its urgent.

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What is the significance of “vuser-init “?

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Consider a business transaction, which is run in the LR tool (takes 2sec), but when run manually (takes 4sec). Please explain??

3 Answers   Keane India Ltd,

How can correlation be performed?

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What is the threshold level for think time and how can be this changed?

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What is the difference in running the vuser as a process and as a thread? Which is more advantageous way of running vuser?

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What is maximum No of Vusers that we can load using LoadRunner8.0 and how should we connect to database using loadrunner

4 Answers   HP,

Hi can anyone help with projects using load runner. I learnt loadrunner but don't have a hands on experience on it.. it will be very much helpful if some can help me up with a project. can email me:

0 Answers   CJ,

What is ms-windows?

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What is user defined functions in Load Runner ? Give some Examples ?

3 Answers   TCS,

How vugen create a vuser script?

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what is sitescope where we can use this?wat is the purpose of this

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