State some disadvantages due to the usage of SOAP?

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What are the elements of a soap message structure?

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What is soap envelope element?

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soapui <person> <fname>abc</fname> <lname>xyz</lname> <age>22</age> </person> above data i am prepareing in soapui and run the request and generate response. how to fetch this xml response data using oracle sql query. pls tell me query.

0 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Inside the soapui where groovy script can be used?

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What are the steps involved in doing the data exchange between the client and the server?

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What is loosely coupled?

2 Answers   Cognizant, SAP Labs,

What do you mean by SOAP encoding?

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What is wsdl and soap?

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How does soap work?

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What are the web relation functionalities that is provided by soap protocol?

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What is entrust entitlements service?

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what is SOAP ? why iti is used?

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