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Flash Action Scripting Interview Questions
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Difference between shared lib and shared objects

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difference between _root and _level

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what is the use of depth? how many methods for depth are available?

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what is use of preloader? What are the diff var use for creating preloaders?

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Is it possible to create document or folder from flash? if yes then how?

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what is the use of new property condensedwhite in text?

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there are two text fields on stage both are having same properties but still one is coming blurred y and how could u resolve it?

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what are the different design patterns available in flash?

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what is the other way of using Inheritance in flash?

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How to download Flash object embeded in HTML Page?

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How do you start a graphic animation at a specific frame?

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Can you organize layers as in photoshop?

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What is the difference between _root and parent?

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How we can create a scrolling gallary in a portfolio,what is the script?

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Diffrence between AS2 and AS3 ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Flash Action Scripting }

it seems that most recommendations for using fill flash talk about using -1.3 to -1.7 stops of flash compensation. This seems like very little flash (compared to the ambient exposure). Would not -.5 or -1 stop be better? : Adobe flash


what is needed when using static text to have font outline embedded in swf file? : Adobe flash


what is not a benefit of using macromedias pre-built ui components? : Adobe flash


Can you explain what are the differences between javascript and actionscript?


Explain what are the different utils libraries in actionscript?


what happens when you drag an object created with the oval tool to the library panel? : Adobe flash


who can create flash movies? : Adobe flash


Explain what are the changes presented by actionscript?


Write a function for a button.


what should be used in the name of constant? : Adobe flash


Explain what are the features provided by actionscript 3.0?


How to write a program that shows the usage of data types?


How to start a graphic animation at a specific frame?


which of the following is not a result of exporting a movie for a debug build? : Adobe flash


for methods within objects,what does the keyword this specifically refer to? : Adobe flash