Flash Action Scripting Interview Questions
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Difference between shared lib and shared objects

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difference between _root and _level

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what is the use of depth? how many methods for depth are available?

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what is use of preloader? What are the diff var use for creating preloaders?

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Is it possible to create document or folder from flash? if yes then how?

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what is the use of new property condensedwhite in text?

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there are two text fields on stage both are having same properties but still one is coming blurred y and how could u resolve it?

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what are the different design patterns available in flash?

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what is the other way of using Inheritance in flash?

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How to download Flash object embeded in HTML Page?

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How do you start a graphic animation at a specific frame?

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Can you organize layers as in photoshop?

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What is the difference between _root and parent?

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How we can create a scrolling gallary in a portfolio,what is the script?

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Diffrence between AS2 and AS3 ?

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Hello! I would like to learn the technique (I don't know if there is a name for it) used by Stu Campbell (a.k.a. Sutu) in his flash comic book Nawlz for animating the image of whale in episode one. The the three tutorials that the artist made explain the basic scenario of the working process but they do not at all go into coding and such.


Hi All, I am new in flash so please help me, When I make a website on Flash & when we wright code on buttons in AS2[CODE: on(release) gotoAndStop ()], we found when we click twice on a button the page automatically switch. (means, code do not work properly). Thanks,


can any one tell good training center for adobe flex in chennnai?