Search Engine Optimization SEO Interview Questions
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what is difference keyword and meta keywords

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What is the name of the search engine technology due to which a query for the word ‘actor’ will also show search results for related words such as actress, acting or act?

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What is SEO and introduce its types?

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What are the SEO tools do you use?

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What do you mean by Backlink?

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What are out bound Links?

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Can you tell me something about Googlebot?

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What is Cross linking and what are the function of Cross linking?

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What is the main purpose of using keyword in SEO?

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Can you mention the functions of body content relevance?

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What are Spiders, Robots and Crawlers and what are their functions?

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What does it mean if nothing appears on doing search on the domain?

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What is keyword stemming?

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Name some SEO blogs that you frequently read?

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What do you mean by Cloaking?

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What is keyword prominence?


What are your good qualities?


You signed 3 new clients, each with an existing adwords account. What's the best way to manage these accounts?


What is google my business page?


What is Search Engines?


What do you understand by Cloaking?


Who is rand fishkin?


Explain me what are 404 errors?


in the case of a placement targeted ad on the google display network, the quality score portion of calculating ad rank is based on-?


Which type of website is good for seo purpose?


What will be your approach if your SEO method doesn’t work?


Explain seo techniques?


Can we track google adsense data in google analytics?


Can you please suggest the meaning of call to action?


What is hummingbird update in seo?