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What makes blood look red?

A. White Corpuscles

B. Haemoglobin

C. Plasma

D. Colour Secretion

What makes blood look red? A. White Corpuscles B. Haemoglobin C. Plasma D. Colour Secret..

Answer / pritam_j

(B) Haemoglobin

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More General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

Which one of the following is the first season of the eyar according to Indian convention? (a) Grishma (b) Vasant (c) Hemant (d) Shishir

2 Answers  

Which of the following countries produces about one-third of the world?s silver? (a) Peru (b) Bolivia (c) Australia (d) Poland (e) Mexico

2 Answers  

hi.. can any one tell me how long it will take to promoted from probationary clerk to officer grade...

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Who is the author of the novel ?The Hungry Tide?? 1 Amitav Ghosh 2 Arundhati Roy 3 Shashi Tharoor 4 Ved Mehta

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Which of the following represents the growth of GDP of India during 1998-99? 1 3.1% 2 4.2% 3 4.75% 4 5.8%

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Anand, situated somewhere between Ahmedabad and Vadodara, is famous for 1 Electrical goods 2 Milk products 3 Sandalwood forests 4 Leather works

1 Answers  

The first person of Indian origin to be appointed as a Judge in US is (1) Ridhi Desai (2) P.A. Sangma (3) Basava Rajeswari (4) R.C. Bharadwaj

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my qual. is 12th class & i have 1 yr dip. in computer hardware & networking.when i am passed the bank clerical written exam when i am going to given interview to bank if they give preferance to me or a graduate or both of us equally or depending on merit bases

2 Answers   Allahabad Bank, Banking,

Jhansi Ki Rani is a film directed by 1 A.J.F.Madan 2 Sohrab Modi 3 Himanshu Rai 4 Joseph David

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Which of the following is not an initiative underlying RBI?s Monetary and Credit Policy 2004-05 ? (a) A more comprehensive definition of infrastructure lendings for practical purposes (b) Increase in the lending limit for non-bank participants (c) Withdrawal of 15% cap on unsecured exposures for banks (d) Establishment of Payment and Settlement Systems to oversee payments nationwide

1 Answers  

The name of the Chinese President is (1) Jiang Zemin (2) Wang Bing (3) Chi Haotian (4) Lengwanbad

2 Answers  

. Who among the following became the Prime Minister of India without being earlier the Chief Minister of a State? 1. Morarji Desai 2. Charan Singh 3. V.P. Singh 4. Chandra Sekhar 5. P.V. Narasimha Rao Select the correct answer from the codes given below: Codes: (a) 1, 2 and 4 (b) 2, 3 and 5 (c) 2 only (d) 4 only

2 Answers