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The constituent names our country as ?

a) Bharat

b) India, that is Bharat

c) Hindustan

d) Aryavarta

The constituent names our country as ? a) Bharat b) India, that is Bharat c) Hindustan d..

Answer / shubhangi


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Which among the following are known for co-operation and division of labour? 1 Fire flies 2 Cockroaches 3 Ants 4 Bed bug

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. Subhash Chandra Bose started his movement against British in (a) Japan (b) Burma (c) Singapore (d) Thailand

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The density of water is maximum at: (A) 1000C (B) 40C (C) 00C (D) ?40C

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Insulin is secreted in ? a) Pituitary b) Liver c) Pancreas d) Parathyroid

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India?s annual population growth rate is about??? 1 1% 2 1.5% 3 1.9% 4 2.2%

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The protocol that is used to transfer files from one machine to another on Internet is (A) TCP/IP (B) FTP (C) HTTP (D) PPP

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Dynamo is a device for converting (a) Heat energy into electrical energy (b) Mechanical energy into electrical energy (c) Magnetic energy into electrical energy (d) Chemical energy into electrical energy

3 Answers   GHCF, TATA,

African Fund by NAM is to (1) Help industrialize the African continent (2) Help famine situation in Africa (3) Help the liberation struggle in Africa (4) Preserve the African forests

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In which one of the following countries is the ethnic conflict between Hutus and Tutsis led to a great Violence in recent times? 1 Ingeria 2 Rwanda 3 Sierra leone 4 South Africa

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Deep blue color is imparted to glass by the presence of 1 Iron oxide 2 Cupric oxide 3 Nickel oxide 4 Cobalt oxide

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Which is the largest producer of manganese in India? (a) Rajasthan (b) Bihar (c) West Bengal (d) None of these

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