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A type of rainfall which occurs when wind rises up along a
hill or mountain barrier is called

(a) Anti-cyclonic

(b) Convectional

(c) Cyclonic

(d) Orographic

A type of rainfall which occurs when wind rises up along a hill or mountain barrier is called (a..

Answer / ganga naidu

( d ) Orographic

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In the history of Russian Revolution, what is ?Bloody Sunday?? (a) It was the Sunday on which the entire family of last Czar of Russia was massacred. (b) It was the day on which a mass of peaceful workers on its way to present a petition was fired upon (c) It was the Sunday when the sailors of the battleship Potemkin joined the revolutionaries and were killed. (d) It was the day when hundreds of Bolshevik revolutionaries were killed in a conflict with Mensheviks.

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Which of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution deal with the Directive Principles of State Policy? (a) 26 to 41 (b) 31 to 56 (c) 36 to 51 (d) 41 to 66

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In which one of the following countries Fabian Socialism was advocated? (a) United States of America (b) Soviet Union (c) Poland (d) United Kingdom

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Congress rejected the Cripp?s proposals because (a) They did not concede the demand of complete independence to India (b) They did not offer any concrete proposal and virtually repeated the August offer of 1940 (c) They supported the partition of India (d) They failed to offer adequate proposals to solve the communal problem of India

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Raja Rammohan Roy and David Hare were associated with the foundation fo the (a) Hindu College (b) Ripon College (c) M. A. O. College (d) Sanskrit College

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River Spiti (Valley) drains into (a) Zanskar (b) Sutlej (c) Beas (d) chenab

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Huen Tsang and Fahien visited the kingdoms of (a) Harsha and Chandragupta Maurya respectively (b) Chandragupta Vikramaditya and Harsha respectively (c) Krishnadeva and Chandragupta Vikramaditya respectively (d) Harsha and Chandragupta Vikramaditya respectively

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The hot dry local winds that blow on the eastern side of the Alps Mountains are known as (a) Chinook (b) Fohn (c) Khamsin (d) Siricco

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The removal of rock, layer by layer, due to weathering is called (a) Block disintegration (b) Deflation (c) Exfoliation (d) Granular disintegration

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During the colonial period of India, Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded (a) For carrying on researches into the past history and antiquities of India (b) To examine the policy of colonial discrimination against the Indians (c) For developing English education in India (d) For carrying out social reforms

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Who among the following set up the Atmiya Sabha in Calcutta in the first half of the nineteenth century? (a) Radha Kant Deb (b) Raja Rammohan Roy (c) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (d) Debendra Nath Tagore

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what is maoism, naxalism and communism?

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