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Is it possible to switch between recording modes during a test creation?

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Is it possible to merge two object repository files in qtp?

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hi to all, i need a code.. in flight application 1.i need to login first then i need to insert 3 new orders... 2.i have to log out 3.i have to login again with different user 4.need to insert 2 new orders 5.then need to log out 6.then again login with different user 7.3 new orders create and log out 8.but we hv to do this using data table and actions please help me

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How to do call a output parameter from one action to another action??/

0 Answers   TCS,

why we use check points , In qtp we use the any check points , what r they , when and why

1 Answers   Polaris,

what sort of things what u put in Bug Report ?

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when we open flight that time where we found synchronization point() and wait function().i m confused .i want this answer.

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Hi, My Application in Microsoft Dynamic Navision, is it compitibale with QTP? if yes then let me know...and also let me know is there any other automation tool availabe to automate Microsoft Dynamic Navision. Thanks Sandip. +91-9714177088

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please post the interview questions for QA position in FACTSET

0 Answers   FactSet Systems,

what is Compile Module in QTP? what exactly it contains Functions or Actions?

2 Answers   GE,

How can we redirect QTP results in to a excel sheet after the execution

3 Answers   SAP Labs, Virtusa,

how do we know whether all objects are stored in the object repository or not? how can we know if a particular object is not stored in the repository?

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how to capture the run time values of web table.

3 Answers   CTS,