How can we store rows in PL/SQL using array?

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..........refers to the disk mirroring

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what is the difference between union and union all

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wt is the diff b/w greast and max ,least and min? wt is the diff b/w case and decod?

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What is difference between a Cursor declared in a procedure and Cursor declared in a package specification ?

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Explain what is a view?

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Does SQL*Plus contains pl/sql Engine?

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C. Normalize the following data up to the 3rd Normal form. Create the tables and insert the data given. Emp_ID Name Dept_Name Salary Course_Title Date_Completed 100 Adam Marketing 48,000 SPSS 6/19/2008 Surveys 10/7/2008 140 Bob Accounting 52,000 Tax Acc 12/8/2008 110 Cathy IT SQL Server 1/12/2008 C# 4/22/2008 190 Dan Finance 150 Emily Marketing 55,000 SPSS 6/16/2008 42,000 Analysis 8/12/2008 Queries 1. Find all Names who have completed the SPSS Course. 2. Find employee with max salary. 3. Find employee with 2nd max salary. 4. Find all employees in Dept “Marketing”. 5. Find all the employees who have taken more than 2 courses. 6. Find all the employees who have completed the courses before month of September.

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We have a CURSOR then we need BULK COLLECT?

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select 10 from dual; y its showing all the rows with 10?

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What is a unique key and primary key and foreign key?

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Differences between Oracle 9i and 10g (Probably in terms of SQL and PL/SQL)?

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What is mutating sql table?

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