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how can you display specific subfile page on the screen in unequal subfile?

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Suppose we have 10 records with same name and we are reading using READE,after 4 record i have to use CHAIN what is the output

3 Answers  

Can someone tell me tell me what is meant by message wait...?

1 Answers  

What is the diff bw PF/LF Name and their Record format name? what is restriction in record format then file name?

0 Answers   Wipro,

how can an indexed file be used as arrival sequence in RPG?

3 Answers   IBM,

Difference between RESET and CLEAR

1 Answers   TCS,

1. Which Built-In-Function will you use to achieve the following functionality? CLONO1NO2NO3 Factorl÷÷+OpcdeFactor2++÷ResultLenDHHiLoEq C QTY IFLT *ZERO C QTY MULT -1 QTY C ENDIF a) %ABS b) %TRIM c) %TRIMS d) %UNS

3 Answers   IBM,

list down and describe the sub systems vailable

5 Answers   IBM,

If there are 1000 member(PGM type) in a SRC file. How can we compile in a CL program? ( It need to be done in a loop)?

1 Answers  

what is the necessary command needed before OPNQRYF and why?

5 Answers  

1.WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CODE BELOW? C CUSTNO CHAIN CUSTMAST IF %ERROR can any body find the wrong please? 2.What builtin function will you use to achieve the following functionality? C QTY IFLT *ZERO C QTY MULT-1 QTY ENDIF

5 Answers   CTS,

Can AnyOne tell me how to read join logical file in rpg from starting to end?

2 Answers  

Can we used ovrdbf command after the opnqry file if yes then What will be out put of your program?

4 Answers   IBM,