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what are the different types of arrays?

what are the different types of arrays?..

Answer / sagar sakpal

Run time array
Compile time array
Pre runtime array

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Dear All, I have one confusion related to my platform. I am working with Wipro from last two year however still I am looking for AS400 platform kindly show me the way out of it. And please share with me the hardware knowledge that how I grow myself in hardware (AS/400) also.

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For AS/400 Freshers good website is

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Can fields be concatenated INa logical file level?

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Why we have multiple data types in As400 and why we use numeric, packed, decimal, zoned the basic difference between this?

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What is the default access path of a file?

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what is meant by object lock requests,held locks and locks waiting to be applied(wrkobjlck) why should we apply for locks.Please explain sir.

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What is SFLPAG

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How to read data from *LDA (Local Data Area) in RPGLE program without using IN opcode?

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how do you turn off indicators 50 through 59 in only one operation

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why we sometimes use same file name in FILE and TOFILE in OVRDBF and sometimes different??please tell

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