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What is reasonable belief?

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if there is no application is filed under section 12 of MP Accomodation control ACT what will be the further procedure for eviction suits.

1 Answers   UK Embassy,

Which law is broken most frequently?

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Runbeer penal code applies for.

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If a main contractor fails to do the job and job is completed with the help of subcontractor of main contractor, what is the provision relating to payment to subcontractor in such cases under Income Tax Act. (w.r.t. TDS)

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My neighbor (a very old working woman) had a PPF A/c in SBI, on 31st of March 2010 it completed its 15 year term and hence the same was eligible for withdrawl, she duly filled up the redemption form and asked the bank to redeem the amount. On 14th of April 2010, the bank issued a pay order but deducted bank charges (as the savings account is with another bank), SBI has nearly deducted bank charges of about 25000/- from her. My neighbor didnt have a bank account in SBI, her account is in IDBI and SBI has deducted the charges for preparing a pay order. Here no service is being rendered but rather its bank obligation to make the payment, Pls help. It would be good if we can help her!!

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Reflect on an occasion when you challenged a belief or idea, what made you do this and what was the outcome about mental health law and human right ?

0 Answers   Indian Law Society,

It's raining and have forgotten your umbrella, so you shelter in an unlocked car. Are you guilty of the offence of allowing yourself to be carried in a conveyance without the owner's consent?

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who prepaired the draft of Indian constitution?

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The Supreme Court has taken over the judicial functions of the House of Lords. What impact do you think this will have?

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suing social services health service and social security

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Many times law enforcement are certain that a particular crime has been committed by a defendant. What is your response if there is not enough evidence to stand at a criminal trial?

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What is ypor opinion about the launch of the Public Defence Service?

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