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What is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor?

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this is question regarding corporate law and regarding "Return of Allotment" in case of shares My question is we have a share cap of 1lakh that we increased to 50lakh so when should I file return of allotment to registrar do I need to file 2 times now because at the time of SC 1 lakh I did to file any return now I want to file return of allotment pls suggest how should I file and relevant enclosures to the return of allotment

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What are the experiences you had in the past that makes you certain that you are prepared to practice civil law?

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How to Calculate Service Tax on verious intity and TDS on various Party

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best and fastest way to go to the european courts of human rights for liability of sections 1, 5, 6, 7,8,9,10,14

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How much you will prepare on the files for trial do you do?

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During college days i loved a person & got registered marriage ,but stayed together and nobody comes to know about that and knowing some bad personalities i divorced him throug court, i got the divorce also within 1 year.So is it possible for me to marry another person without informing this matter,as nobody knows about my marriage..please help me.

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Rowan offers to sell Graham his car for £500. They shake on it and Graham gives him the money in cash. En route to delivering it, Rowan crashes and the car is written-off. He refuses to give Graham his money back. What can Graham do next?

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what is employee stock option ?

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To what extent should our data be available to the government? What about the data of foreign citizens?

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1.why r u pursuing mba after B.A.LL.B? 2.why r u pursuing mba in HR?

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is corporate guarantee required on stamp paper or companies letter head will do

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