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What are the experiences you had in the past that makes you
certain that you are prepared to practice civil law?

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Briefly describe a technical project that you found challenging or rewarding?

0 Answers   Dangote,

PLease tell me How to send our quarry cum suggestion cum complaint to indian judiciary regarding Crminal Law.

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if firm is located in area in which ESI IS NOT APPLICABLE &services of this firm employees are used by any other organization in its area where ESI is applicable then can that organization can ask the firm to submit ESI for those employees before passing its service bills while the firm is denying to submit as it is not applicable

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Can a computer have a conscience?

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explain the features of FEMA:

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if accident happens inside factory causes death of labours, whether police can file criminal case on factory. after file the complaint by the factory and labour inspector. if police can not, then what is the section of factory act will come in that.

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Do you think you have to undergo training for advocacy?

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what is difference between excise & sells tax?

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What does the chief court administrator do?

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I am worrking tcs for last 1.8 years.I took leave from april due to health problem arise during my first pregnancy.They approve my leave till may 15,2012.after that i spoke to hr saying my siuation and they ask me to wait to get approve leave till my delivery(nov 2012).Aguest first week i got call from another team from tcs and they doesn't accept my condition.they are force me to send resign letter to the hr.Now they ask me Rs 120000 for final settlement.I dont know what.I agree to pay my bond amount rs 50000 + i month basic pay.They are therd me.Please answer as soon as possible

1 Answers   TCS,

Rules of civil law are different than that of criminal law. Are you prepared to enter this knowing that there is little guidance from within our office?

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HOW TO CALCULATE PF OF A WORKER(Labour) WHOSE DAILY RATE IS 350.00?If his total working days for a month is 15 days? His total Basic wages comes = Rs.350.00x15=Rs.5250.00 As his Basic wages is less from Rs.6500.00 it is PF payable. Whether it is payable or not?

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