Types of compatabilities and explain them ?

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Types of compatabilities and explain them ?

0 Answers   DELL,

Can you explain remoting?

0 Answers   QuestPond,

About Iunknown interface Queue ,its methods Query Interface Addref,Release and Explain each ?

0 Answers   DELL,

How can you debug failed assembly binds?

1 Answers  

How do you register a .NET assembly?

2 Answers   Microsoft,

What distributed process frameworks outside .NET do you know?

1 Answers  

Explain the Flow of remoting?

0 Answers  

What is a Windows process?

1 Answers  

What security measures exist for .NET Remoting in System.Runtime.Remoting?

1 Answers  

Can you configure a .NET Remoting object via XML file?

1 Answers   Tavant Technologies,

About .NET Remoting and types of remoting ?

2 Answers   MMTS, SunGard,

About sn.exe ?

2 Answers   TCS, MMTS,

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