If 4:6 is the ratio of number of girls and boys in a computer coaching class.If 50% of girls and 40% of boys are degree holders then the percentage of the candidates who are non-degree holders is:

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A number when divided by 100 leaves a quotient (Q) and a remainder (R). How many three-digit natural numbers are there such that Q + R is divisible by 11?

6 Answers   TCS,

There are two lights one is green another one is red. green blinks 2 times per a minute, red blinks 3 times per 2 minutes. If two lights are start at same time how many time they blink together in 1 hours.

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In a single throw of two dice, find the probability of getting a total of 9 or 11

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2+3=8, 3+7=27, 4+5=32, 5+8=60, 6+7=60, 7+8=? Reply t answer...

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Why should i hire u for this job?

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pls send me kvb previous aptitude ques paper for three yrs

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what is focus liner in gc hs?

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The house is big and lovely but since nobody uses it it is pretty much a white Elephant What does White Elephant mean?

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The average salary of 3 workers is 95 Rs. per week. If one earns Rs.115 and second earns Rs.65 how much is the salary of the 3rd worker.

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A right circular cylinder and a cone are there. Base radius of cone is equal to radius of cylinder. What is the ratio of height to slant side if their volume are the same?

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6 women can do 75 units of work in 8 days by working 5hrs/day. In how many days can 4 women do 30 units of work by working 8hrs/day ?

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