What is your nationality?

What is your nationality?..

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Set up procedure for generating a wire frame display of a polyhedron with the hidden edges of the object drawn with dashed lines

0 Answers   IBM,

what is the output of following program ? void main() { int i=5; printf("%d %d %d %d %d ",i++,i--,++i,--i,i); }

10 Answers  

x=2 y=3 z=2 x++ + y++; printf("%d%d" x,y);

2 Answers  

#define a 10 void foo() { #undef a #define a 50 } int main() { printf("%d..",a); foo(); printf("%d..",a); return 0; } explain the answer

1 Answers  

#define square(x) x*x main() { int i; i = 64/square(4); printf("%d",i); }

4 Answers   Google, HCL, Quick Heal, WTF,

main() { char *p; p="Hello"; printf("%c\n",*&*p); }

1 Answers  

1. const char *a; 2. char* const a; 3. char const *a; -Differentiate the above declarations.

3 Answers  

What is wrong with the following code? int *foo() { int *s = malloc(sizeof(int)100); assert(s != NULL); return s; }

1 Answers  

Write a Program in 'C' To Insert a Unique Number Only. (Hint: Just Like a Primary Key Numbers In Database.) Please Some One Suggest Me a Better Solution for This question ??

0 Answers   Home,

‎#define good bad main() { int good=1; int bad=0; printf ("good is:%d",good); }

2 Answers  

How to reverse a String without using C functions ?

33 Answers   TCS, Matrix, Wipro,

main(){ int a= 0;int b = 20;char x =1;char y =10; if(a,b,x,y) printf("hello"); }

1 Answers   TCS,