I entered the data in SQL toad version 9.0.1 in English and Arabic language but when i do the query i get the data in Arabic language with (??? question mark) ,please your support.

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In one table there is 10 records without id num,without primary key and it is not sorted then how to extract last 6 record from table?

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WHAT IS HTTP 500 Internal Server Error? CAN I SOLVE THIS?

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Hi, I am trying to encode data from flatfile and then to decode the encoded data to original form. Procedures that I followed:- 1. Encoded the field 'A_ID' using AES_ENCRYPT(A_ID,'abd') in the expression transformation. The A_ID got encoded in the output table(oracle) 2. To decode this back I used AES_DECRYPT(A_ID,'abd'). But after executing the workflow, I am not getting any data in output. can anybody tell me how to decrypt the encoded data back to original form ??

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How to view the error log for any specific instance?

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what is meant by write off and write on in sap?

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What is Mutex error in Triggers?

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I have table name'temp' in that I wanted to add some partial data for a particular column name 'policyno' where data is existing in that column. Ex.Policyno like 'R-KT-SK- EA-134526' like 100 records. In that 100 records some policynos are just like 134527 I mean with out prefix like'R-KT-SK-EA-' now I wanted add this prefix as 'R-KT-SK- EA-134527' for some 50 records. How can I add partial data?

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What is live lock, deadlock and what is Lock escalation?

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why we are using shift key in unix shell script

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Difference between Bookmark lookup & RID lookup?

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when i save float data value 11.22 but this see in table 11.220000004758456 type ? how to save only two decimal point.

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What is the meaning of lock escalation and why/how to stop this?

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